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Out-of-School Suspension Program
"A safe place to go when you are suspended from school"


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At Project R.O.C.K. South, students will have a focused environment for academic work. We provide laptops & WiFi to meet the academic needs of students who attend.
Project R.O.C.K. South will empower students to resolve conflicts, consider the consequences before they act, understand the important of listening & obeying authority, and encourage positive behavior. 

Project R.O.C.K. South encourages students to: 


recognizing and accepting your current situation, circumstances, or challenges. It's about being honest with yourself and taking accountability for your actions. By acknowledging where you are & the situation you're in, you lay the foundation for meaningful change and progress.


changing your mindset, behaviors, habits, or strategies to better align with your goals and aspirations. It's about being flexible and adaptable, willing to modify your approach. We encourage students to reflect on their mistakes and learn from them.


By implementing the necessary adjustments and staying committed to your objectives, you can make meaningful progress and ultimately achieve success. Celebrate your accomplishments along the way and use them as motivation to continue moving forward. A suspension should not be viewed as a setback, but as a steppingstone towards what is ahead!

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