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"This was by far the best experience my son has had learning and getting the moral & academic support & love that he needs. I can't thank the program enough for what they have done for my son & family. They have changed our lives for the better in 3 days!"

-Jordan (Parent/Guardian)

"I always felt welcomed here at Project R.O.C.K. Even when I first came in, I never felt stunned or viewed differently for why I was suspended. Everyone here is very caring and super easy to talk to. They understood me and didn't make me feel less. The workshops really helped me learn a lot. I'm very thankful to everyone here who helped me & the whole program."

-Julian T. (Student)

"My experience at Project R.O.C.K. has been pretty good. I've gotten all of my work done with no problem. The staff is extremely nice and makes me feel comfortable. I've learned that my mistakes do not define me, and I can be better and learn from them."

-Angelina C. (Student)

"1st time my child was suspended but it was reassuring that he was able to continue learning and didn't have the days counted against him. This is a great program. Every day he would tell us about the life coaches that came to speak to them, and things learned."

-Wal (Parent/Guardian)

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